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The Island of Dr. Monroe - Quark Master Not for the faint of heart, although the author has kindly put warnings before the chapters that contain the more difficult material.

This story grabbed me right from the get go. It is very well written and wonderfully detailed. In the beginning, I had a difficult time remembering this was a fictional setting. That all changed, of course, when the body modifications really started taking shape and I felt like I was reading a scene from [b:Bloodraven|6617506|Bloodraven|P.L. Nunn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1314887548s/6617506.jpg|6811618]. While I don't usually enjoy this type of fantasy aspect, it did make it a little easier for me to handle the more difficult parts.

Most of the story takes place during Jason's training and transformation. The body modifications are mind boggling as are some of the more intricate training methods. There are a lot of other slaves at the facility, but only a few are mentioned in detail, mostly near the end when the story changes, and Jason is given a test to entertain guests for a week at the palace (his first time leaving the training facility). This is where the more difficult material comes into play. Unfortunately, this is also where certain modifications make it appear that this will be the case from here on out. The week ends, the guests are sent on their way, and Jason is taken back to the facility.

Sadly, this is where the story pretty much ends. We do not find out if Jason ever gets sold or what becomes of him. It does seem that things are set up for a future story, and I'm really hoping we get one. I'll definitely be looking to read this author's other work.