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Titan Prime - Mark Alders Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews

3.5 stars

This was a sweet sci-fi story that takes place in the not-too-distant future where people are living in a sealed dome, where everything is recycled, including their sweat and urine. Only those who can afford it are able to obtain clean air. Those less fortunate are called bleeders, named so because of the affects the poison and toxins have on their bodies.

To make things easier, there are droids which don’t require any sustenance to survive. There are different styles of droids, but the MC, Horrow, happens to be a pleasure droid, whose sole purpose is to sexually pleasure its owner. Horrow’s current owner does not treat him well, to the point where an occurrence triggers something in Horrow’s makeup that now allows him to have feelings. He then decides he has had enough and wants to find someone to love.

The other MC is Captain Adrian Maynard, a transport pilot, who is on the good side of the droids after falling for one in the past. He meets Horrow, but Horrow is too afraid he is like his previous owner and runs from him. The rest of the story is about them meeting up again but running into other trouble which puts Horrow in a horrible place due to some treachery and manipulation of evil people.

Horrow is a sweet thing, looking for someone to love and not just want him for his body. He and Adrian don’t really have much of a connection before they are separated, and most of the story is about them trying to find one or the other. They do have some smexy moments at the end, though I wish we would have seen more of them together. This was an enjoyable story with some interesting characters. I wouldn’t mind seeing another story in this world.