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The Good Sadist - Harrison Thorn This is a hot and heavy S/M story that packs quite a punch. These guys are hardcore in the scene. They have their own club and adhere to strict rules, eve though it may not seem so at first glance. I don't know how realistic it is that someone can handle that much pain and torture for such long periods of time and still manage to function, but it made for a somewhat intense read.

I wish there was a bit more focus on the relationships involved. Hunter and Conner were already in a relationship when they meet Derek, but Conner is not present until the very end.

There were some editing issues, and by the last scene, I thought the S/M was getting a bit repetitive. I was riveted and wanted to learn more about these guys. I really feel I did not get enough information to form any real connections with any of the characters. I would love to read about some of the other guys and to see how these three are making out.