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When Dawn Breaks - Eden Cole So, Steven Dawn has a bit of a problem. He has a boss, Patrick, who wants to have a relationship with him, but Patrick is very gentle and vanilla-like. Steven, not so much. For quite a while, he has been going to a club and meeting up with two doms (Jasper and Nic) who both top, use and abuse him fulfilling his darkest needs. Steven realizes he cannot do without this in his life, and, therefore, continually turns down Patrick's advances.

Something happens, where Patrick bails the guys out, and Steven reevaluates his life and decides to give it a go with Patrick, attempting to go without the kinkier stuff he was getting from Jasper and Nic.

This goes on for a while, until finally Steven cannot handle not having his needs met. I enjoyed his struggle with knowing what he really needed, knowing that Patrick was unable to provide it, and what he should actually do about it. He tries to take care of things on his own, but that doesn't work either and Patrick has his eyes opened in a rather drastic way. In the end, Patrick ends up being the stronger of the two. He's a bit of a doormat at times, giving Steven whatever he wants, and Steven comes across as a spoiled brat.

Patrick brings Jasper and Nic back to give Steven what he is unable provide. They again struggle to find a balance for everyone. Patrick is sweet and loving, and the scenes with Jasper and Nic are sizzling. Those two ae a bit of a mystery, and I really would have liked to have seen more about Jasper and Nic and what their story was. Maybe in another book?

This book technically contains cheating (though Steven is never with Nic and Jasper without Patrick's knowledge) and menage (Jasper and Nic work together to top Steven), though it doesn't come across as such.